Red Carpet Report – 15th annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala

Overdue notice: Hathaway worked up the crowd like a Sunday preacher. Her beef: the Hollywood Film Awards’ decision to give Gordon-Levitt the Hollywood Breakthrough Actor Awards. Isn’t the 50/50 star kind of a big deal? “I respectfully implore, what are you thinking?” Hathaway thundered from the podium. “In waiting so long to giving Joseph Gordon-Levitt the Breakthrough Award. At what point in the last 20 years has he not been breaking through?” She pointed to his early work on TV’s 3rd Rock from the Sun to films such as Inception and (500) Days of Summer. “Congratulations to you, Hollywood Awards, for finally getting it right,” she ended. “Better late than never.” Gordon-Levitt was downright giddy about the introduction.



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