Spectacular May Sweeps/Finale Spoilers on New Girl

Check out TVLine’s May Sweeps/Finale Spoilers on New Girl:

May 1: “Backslide”
When Jess runs into her ex-boyfriend, Paul (guest star Justin Long), and Nick runs into his ex-girlfriend, Caroline (guest star Mary Elizabeth Ellis), the gang fears they may “backslide” into relationships with them. Meanwhile, Schmidt desperately tries not to get aroused as he deals with a delicate medical issue, and Winston suffers the consequences of a wild night out.

May 8: “See Ya” (Season Finale)
When one of the roommates decides to move out of the loft, the gang makes an unexpected trip to the desert where Winston faces his fear of the dark, Cece and Schmidt’s relationship reaches a turning point and Jess and Nick square off with a coyote.