29 July 2011joseph gordon-levitt, twitter, Zooey Deschanel

We got some cute Joe and Zooey tweets to each other today. Check them out below:

@therealzooeyd and I used to sing this song together when we were shooting 500 Days. SO JEALOUS!! :o) http://tumblr.com/x6d3s6z5el
4 hours ago

Come sing with me! RT @hitRECordJoe: .@therealzooeyd and I used to sing this during 500 Days. SO JEALOUS! :o) http://tumblr.com/x6d3s6z5el
2 hours ago

@hitRECordJoe seriously, video chat karaoke on @hellogiggles let’s do a duet! Xoxo
2 hours ago

Let’s start guessing what song it will be!

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