26 August 2011news

Check out Joe performing Nirvana’s Lithium at Hitrecord event in Seattle on Tuesday.

Check out EW’s article about it. They even manage to bring up Zooey in it!

At this point, “Joseph Gordon-Levitt” is basically synonymous with “sexy version of an unsexy dude”—he’s given us sexy brainiac, sexy heartbroken dumped guy, sexy cancer patient, and even sexy awkward preteen alien (OK, I apologize for that last one).

On Tuesday night at Seattle’s Neptune Theater, Gordon-Levitt proved he can just as convincingly pull off “sexy unwashed grunge god,” too.

Gordon-Levitt showed off his formidable musical talents with a live cover of Nirvana’s “Lithium”—a crowd favorite, of course, in late frontman Kurt Cobain’s home state—at a concert promoting his collaborative production company, hitRECord.

“Now and then it’s nice to just do something that’s not for the record, that’s just for tonight,” the actor said, just before unleashing his rendition. “I just wanna play this song, in this town.”

What do you think, Music Mix crew? On a scale of bizarre to brilliant, where does Gordon-Levitt’s live cover rank among the canon of celebrity cover performances?

And how do his cover performance chops measure up to those of his (500) Days of Summer costar Zooey Deschanel’s?

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