3 August 2011joseph gordon-levitt, twitter, Zooey Deschanel

Latest Joe tweet to Zooey regarding the video karaoke chat:

You’re on Zo! Back in town soon.. <3 RT @therealzooeyd: @hitRECordJoe seriously, video chat karaoke on @hellogiggles let's do a duet! Xoxo 30 Jul

He also tweeted back to some followers which were on their previous film, Manic. Check them out:

Nice, thanks! One of my favorite jobs, and few folks know it. RT @MustBeZaira: #nowwaching MANIC staring @hitRECordJoe and @therealzooeyd (:
1 Aug

*passes the tissues* RT @Luke18S: If this [MANIC] is another film in which you get to kiss @therealzooeyd I may just start crying.
1 Aug

I think they’re onto something, wouldn’t you say, Zo? RT @floraholt: “@hitRECordJoe and @therealzooeyd should do more films together.”
1 Aug

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