5 September 2011news, Zooey Deschanel

Early premiere for the pilot episode of New Girl! We will get to see it on September 6 on Itunes and September 13 on Hulu and Fox!

New Girl is getting an early push ahead of its Sept. 20 premiere.

Fox has plans to give potential viewers an early peek at the entire first episode of the roommate comedy series starring Zooey Deschanel on multiple digital platforms, including Apple’s iTunes, Hulu and Fox.com. The strategy would seem to place buzz generation ahead of fears of viewer cannibalization.

The episode’s iTunes push begins Sept. 6, which if successful could provide two weeks’ worth of chatter for a series Fox has paired with younger-skewing Glee. The strategy has been used with cable series, but never with broadcast series still reliant on morning-after ratings.

The half-hour effort, which Fox brass is hoping will improve its flawed reputation in the live-action comedy space, will roll out on Fox.com and Hulu on Sept 13 at 12:05 am, and will remain available for streaming through 11:55 pm on Sept. 19. The pilot episode will not be available for streaming on 9/20, the day of the series’ premiere.

The latest marketing outreach follows an aggressive plan which began last month with hotel and in-flight viewings as well as screenings in select cities with Fox affiliates. The New Girl pilot will also be available via video on demand and Deschanel’s Hello Giggles blog.


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