24 October 2011news, Zooey Deschanel

Jill in Indianapolis, Ind.: I am seriously missing New Girl. Anything to help with the pain?
Well, we can’t give you a puppy via the Internet, so how about this: we’re posting part one of our exclusive sit-down with the boys of New Girl tomorrow. So come back then, watch Max Greenfield, Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris be awesome, then call us in the morning.

Tessa: When is New Girl coming back? I am missing it so much!
Ditto. Nov. 1. But you did see Fat Schmidt dancing to Rihanna to tide you over, yes? (For the record, no, I don’t find fat suits funny but I give it a pass in this case, because it makes Schmidt’s douchey attitude make so much sense.)

Maureen222: When will Jess and Nick hook up on New Girl?
Not in the next episode. I’m told we’ll see that Jess is (shocker!) bad in bed, as she sleeps with her new boyfriend Paul (not Nick) for the first time.


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