15 November 2011news, Zooey Deschanel

Jess Day, New Girl (Fox)

Working in TV means less free time to prepare, but that’s good — that means more time on set to experiment and really get to know the characters. Jess is very goofy, silly and excitable and finds joy in a lot of things. I’m very excitable and emotional too, so I can relate to that. My approach has tended to be more intellectual, and I enjoy doing television because I can explore things every week that I wouldn’t have had the runway space to do before, and exploring the physical comedy part has been really fun. I’ve always played characters that are sort of removed and ones you don’t really get to explore emotionally; New Girl has given me a chance to really live with a character. It’s been great.”

My First SAG Job: An episode of Veronica’s Closet. I was in high school. My parents wouldn’t let me do auditions until I could drive myself.


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