8 January 2012news, Zooey Deschanel

…– Things will take a somewhat serious turn on the next episode of New Girl, when Nick (Jake M. Johnson) gets injured and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) had to take him to her gynecologist for help. (We know how that sounds, but exec producer Liz Meriwether insists things will get a little bit heavy.)…

…..– After teasing that Fred Willard and Ashley Tisdale will appear on upcoming episodes of Raising Hope, exec producer Greg Garcia had a very specific plea for Meriwether and Deschanel regarding New Girl: More naked Schmidt. Garcia explained that last September, he came home to his 11-year-old son proclaiming New Girl ”the funniest show on TV!” After Garcia’s initial response — “Okay, well, first off, f— you” — he learned why his son found New Girl so hilarious. His son paused a shot of Schmidt (Max Greenfield) with his shirt off, and said, “Look at that guys nipples! They’re tiny! They’re tiny!” Meriwether assured Garcia, and the rest of us, that we will indeed be seeing much more of Schmidt’s body, whether we want to or not.


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