31 January 2012news, Zooey Deschanel

Why is Zooey Deschanel no. 1?

Just recently, Zooey celebrated her 32nd birthday by proudly tweeting a picture of a letter she’d received from Barack and Michelle Obama offering their best wishes and thanks for her dedication to supporting young American women. Now, topping our hallowed Top 99 is a very different accolade to personal correspondence with the President, but a momentous one nevertheless (we may be slightly bias).
The living, breathing, all-singing, all-dancing incarnation of that cool, quirky girl at school you were obsessed with, Zooey’s currently friday night TV’s guilty pleasure. In New Girl, Zooey plays the photo negative of her indie boy favourite in (500) Days of Summer, an impossibly cheery,
unselfconscious, loser in love. Who sings an awful lot (no surprise considering Zooey’s extra-curricular activities in Grammy winning alt-country duo She & Him).
Despite fears New Girl could be aimed squarely at your other half, it’s impossible not to fall for our Zooey. As proved by your voting.
A beautiful, intelligent, multi-talented and (Obama-endorsed) genuinely nice person, we’re thrilled to endorse Zooey as British males’ choice as World’s Most Desirable Woman.


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