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“We don’t have that many continuing stories, so we can’t reveal that much,” executive producer Jake Kasdan admitted near the start of Monday night’s New Girl panel during the annual PaleyFest in Los Angeles.

The result? An entertaining and laugh-filled panel that was much like an episode of New Girl. There was dancing (thanks, Jake Johnson!), awkward glances, a Douchebag Jar (to which Max Greenfield contributed a wad of cash), Zooey Deschanel pretending to eat like a turtle, little talk of the few overarching plots on the series, and a hearty collection of quotable moments. (See our personal list of faves below!)

And while the panel had a few nuggets of scoop (an upcoming episode will introduce a new game and Schmidt will deal with his OCD), the real intel flowed on the red carpet. Here’s some of what we gathered up:

+ Nick’s going crazy!
Tomorrow night’s episode finds Nick facing a cancer scare (it’s more hilarious that it sounds!) but Johnson revealed that Nick continues to have tough times in a few of the episodes coming up. And one scene finds him at odds with Winston like we’ve never seen before. “My character goes a little crazy in the next few episodes and when he starts to pull it together, he snaps at Winston and has to apologize. So figuring out a way to apologize and making it feel real to the character was a little tricky,” he says.

+ Slap happy
+ On a possibly related note, Winston and Nick are going to get physical — and have a slap fight! “The thing is, Nick and Winston are (1) [very] competitive, (2) very old friends, and (3) this dude owes me money!” teases Lamorne Morris. “I need my money! I don’t care how little it is. I’m gonna slap you [until I get it]! So we get into — not a very extreme slap fight — but it’s a very funny slap fight.”

+ Winston’s getting a new job
Some clever fans have suggested that it might be fun if Winston one day got a coaching gig at Jess’ school. But as much as Morris says he loves the idea, it might not happen any time soon. “That’s a great idea [but] probably not going to happen right now. My character is going to get a job at a radio station as a sports talk-radio guy,” he says. “My boss, [played by] Phil Hendrie, treats me like crap and is an absolute d—. It’s pretty funny.”

+ The SECRET comes out
Cece and Schmidt’s secret relationship won’t stay secret for much longer. “It does eventually come out to all the other roommates, which is dramatic, to say the least,” Greenfield dishes. “[They react with] a gambit of emotions, really. It’s a little shock, sadness, anger, disbelief, laughter. They go through everything.”

QUOTABLES (PaleyFest edition!)

“When I was a young child, my mother said, ‘You know, all those moles on your body, it’s a map of the constellations… and you know what? Maybe they are.” — Max Greenfield

“His nipples are actually moles.” — Liz Meriwether, creator

“You say manchego, I say, ‘let’s go.’” — Zooey Deschanel on Cece hooking up with a guy with cheese knowledge (Schmidt)

On Nick-Jess fanfiction:
Jake Johnson: There was one 15-year-old girl who was disgusting.
Deschanel: She wasn’t disgusting.
Johnson: [Correcting himself] Her writing was disgusting.

“My body just doesn’t do that!” — Johnson on dancing

On the arrival of Dermot Mulroney as Jess’ new love interest:
Meriwether: It was really fun to put this older character in with our guys, too, and [see] how all the guys react to him. They haven’t really been around a man. [Crowd laughs]
Deschanel: When Dermot was coming on. These guys had the most hilarious conversation where they were all worried he was going to come on and make them all look like clowns.
Johnson: This was a private conversation!


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