16 May 2012news

Hit US comedy New Girl will return to British screens this summer on Channel 4.

The show, which stars Zooey Deschanel as quirky school teacher Jess Day, adjusting to living with three male roommates, began its UK broadcast on 6 January 2012 on Channel 4.

It was put on hiatus after 11 episodes, with the last new instalment of the comedy broadcast by Channel 4 on 16 March. Meanwhile, the remainder of the series has played out on Fox in the US, leaving fans in the UK asking when they’ll get to see the second half of the first series.

Well, very soon, it seems…

“The break was to allow for additional C4 content to premiere,” a Channel 4 spokesperson told RadioTimes.com. “We’re obviously keen to ensure fans enjoy a full and unbroken run when the series returns in the summer.”

It is understood that New Girl will make a June or July return, and Channel 4 are promising more specific details soon.

And there’s another piece of good news for New Girl fans – a second season of the show has been commissioned by Fox for autumn 2012.

However, whether it will air on Channel 4 in the UK (and if it is, whether it will be shown in one complete run) has yet to be revealed.


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