15 September 2012news, Zooey Deschanel

Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis will be playing Zooey’s parents on New Girl! Cannot wait!

If you’ve ever wondered just what blend of genes created New Girl‘s quirky Jess, you’re about to find out. Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis have been cast as Bob and Joan, parents of Zooey Deschanel‘s Jess, TVLine has learned.

We’ll meet Mom and Dad Day in the Thanksgiving episode, when Jess attempts to get her divorced folks to reunite, Parent Trap-style. (Though the show apparently chose to go a different route from TVLine’s suggestions, we have to say: We approve.)

Reiner, who in recent years has spent more time directing and producing projects than starring in them, had his last TV role in 2010 on NBC’s 30 Rock. Curtis, who played a dorky-but-lovable lady rebounding from a breakup on ABC’s early-’90s Anything But Love, was Gibbs’ love interest Samantha last season on NCIS.


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