24 September 2012news, Zooey Deschanel

Something is always bound to go wrong during award’s night, and it’s usually behind the scenes.

New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel had to think on her feet to fix a wardrobe malfunction right before she hit the stage with Jim Parsons to present the Emmy for Writing in a Comedy Series.

So what happened?!

The adorkable actress tells E! News that she and her publicist “had to cut my bra off because it was showing. We just had to cut part of it. It was before I went on. It was after the red carpet.”

While a situation like that might cause some ladies to freak out, Zooey kept it cool, calm and collected the whole way through.

“I don’t even care really because it’s all fun. This is just supposed to be for fun. If you’re not having fun, what are you doing?”

And as far as fearing the lack of support for her, um, girls, Deschanel was sure those bad boys weren’t going anywhere.

“I wouldn’t wear that kind of dress. I just didn’t want my bra to show.”

Well, some other stars made sure to wear “that kind of dress.”


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