New Girl Casting Scoop: Joey King Set to Square Off with Zooey

Just when you thought the show couldn’t get more adorkable, New Girl has gone and cast a sweet young thang who just might give Zooey Deschanel a run for the money!

12-year-old Joey King (who starred in Ramona and Beezus with Selena Gomez, Crazy Stupid Love and will appear in NBC’s Bent with Amanda Peet) has been cast on the hit Fox comedy, and she’s shooting her role this week.

So will she play a future lovechild of Nick and Jess? Pleaseohpleaseohplease?

Nope. Not even a little. But we can always dream!

Joey is set to play Brianna, a student who goes head to head with Jess (Deschanel) in episode 15 of the current season, called “Bully.” She’a a mean girl, goody-two-shoes type being raised by two women who is responsible for bullying a boy. Jess tries to intervene when she finds out – and Brianna turns her focus on Jess, who turns to Nick and Winston for help in dealing with her. So maybe this will lead to a Nick and Jess baby? (Dreams, people. Dreams!)

Rachel Harris (The Hangover) is set to play the vice principal of Jess’s school, making her first appearance in the Jan. 17 episode (Schmidt’s birthday).

And hey, with a kiddo on set, let’s just hope Max Greenfield (Schmidt) keeps his “surgically downsized nipples” covered for once!

New Girl airs Tuesdays on Fox and is set to sweep the Golden Globes this Sunday or else we’ll be crying on the couch watching Dirty Dancing repeatedly for days to come.